Ideal Client Profile

Ideal Client Profile

At Agate Financial Services, we work with many people having different levels of financial goals, from transactional clients, who only open a small IRA or life insurance policy, to the clients who empower us with information so that we can help them create a comprehensive financial plan. We work alongside comprehensive planning clients utilizing a long-term approach to help them create then pursue their plan.

Below are some characteristics we look for in our Ideal Clients:

  • Want to make smart choices about their money 

  • Want to align their financial choices with their deepest personal values

  • Are committed to developing a financial strategy and following through

  • Value family and community involvement

  • Value truth and honesty

  • Realize that financial planning is more about meeting their goals and quality of life and not just the performance of their investment portfolio

  • Want to simplify their life by delegating their financial matters to a competent, trusted advisor who values their loyal relationship above all else

  • Are comfortable with and believe in providing fair compensation for hard work and dedication towards their financial future

  • Want to share their experiences with our company and how their relationship with us extends beyond the office by introducing us to friends and family members who would also benefit from our services

  • Are enjoyable to work with and have a sense of humor